A New Frontier

Gaming is now the largest entertainment and content business in the world reaching a present market value of over $1.1 billion annually. Exponential revenue growth, mass global audiences and demand, commands this sector to be apart of any savvy investment portfolio.


Esports Market

Pioneer Media’s force is our combined experience in blazing new trails to discover global opportunities that deliver significant and powerful results. Our first mover approach is aggressive, laser focusing our investment thesis targeting market segments that are positioned to achieve Pioneer Trajectory. The eSports market presents this opportunity now.

Global esports revenue projections through 2022

Source: Business Insider Intelligence, PwC Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2019-2023, SuperData, Goldman Sachs

Esports audience growth

GLOBAL | FOR 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022

*Due to rounding, Occasional Viewers (347M) & Esports Enthusiasts (297M) add up to 645M.


Gaming is already the largest content and entertainment industry in the world with $120.1 billion in revenues in 2019.

2015 - $92BN

2018 $138BN (+50%)


The global eSports market is on an explosive growth trajectory presenting strategic opportunities for aggressive first movers and entrepreneurs. Creating value through early stage development and acquisition and leveraging meaningful partnerships in a market place that is consistently growing year over year. 

4.5B people connected to the internet around the world.

2.4B gamers globally creating a market value of $150B (2019).

global eSports audience of 450M creating a market value of $1.1B

2019 Esports Revenue Streams | Global



Consistently achieve Pioneer Trajectory by moving aggressively and locking down targeted opportunities in the esports and counter culture media segments.

Achieve Trajectory.

Move Aggressively.

Lockdown Targets.