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We are leaders in counter culture and eSports gaming investment.

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Pioneer Media’s core strength is our combined experience in blazing new trails to discover global opportunities that deliver significant results.  Our first mover approach is aggressive,  laser focusing our investment thesis targeting market segments that are positioned to achieve Pioneer Trajectory.  The eSports market presents this opportunity now.  We invest, build, or acquire explosive growth companies that stack value in the portfolio and deliver the highest returns.


Gaming is already the largest content and entertainment industry in the world with $120.1B in revenues in 2019.


At 2.4B Gamers make up more than 55% of the 4.5B people connected to the internet around the world, with a market value of $150B (2019).


Consistantly achieve Pioneer Trajectory by moving aggressivley and locking down targeted opportunities in the e-sports and gaming segments. 


Pioneer Media aims to be the most influential eSports investment company in the world. Our investment thesis, Pioneer-1, is strategically focused on selecting the best companies positioned to achieve Pioneer Trajectory, capitalizing on market conditions as first movers to invest, build, and acquire assets that deliver the greatest returns.

The Pioneer Media Team

Pioneer Media is a partnership of investment professionals and technology experts from around the world with collective experience of more than 100 years of deploying and yielding capital of more than $100 million.

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Our 2020 eSports Portfolio

The current portfolio represents the execution of our global investment strategy.

We have brought together 6 unique and geographically diverse gaming and eSports companies in 2019 and will integrate 5-7 additional businesses in 2020.


Latest news

The latest information on our global portfolio key industry highlights, and press releases.

Beckham’s Guild to Kick Off London IPO as Esports Flourish

(Reuters) - David Beckham's Guild Esports plans to list in London this year, making the former England soccer captain's esports enterprise the first to go public in Britain. Guild, which owns and develops esports teams, intends to raise 20 million pounds ($26 million)...

David Beckham’s Esports Team to Float on London Stock Exchange

David Beckham’s Esports Team to Float on London Stock Exchange

David Beckham’s esports team is to float on the London Stock Exchange to raise tens of millions of pounds to fund its entry into the booming world of online gaming. London-based Guild Esports, which was incorporated last September and officially launched three months...

David Beckham’s Esports Company to Raise £20m in London Listing

David Beckham’s Esports Company to Raise £20m in London Listing

A professional gaming company co-owned by David Beckham is set to become the first esports business to list on the London Stock Exchange. Guild Esports will look to raise around £20m by listing 40pc of its shares in a deal being led by UK- based investment firm Zeus...